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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Antique Doorknob Prices Going Up

In a classic example of supply and demand, the prices for large quantities of antique doorknobs of any condition have made some big moves upward recently and the trend will probably continue. Seems there are several companies out there using the knobs as components in a number of different pieces -- everything from walking canes, to coat racks to wine stoppers. These companies are buying large quantities of knobs and that demand is driving prices north. Glass, metal or wood, painted or chipped, it doesn't matter, as long as it's old. I recently tried to act as a middleman and use my connections to secure a large quantity of knobs for a buyer, and make a little money for my efforts, and found two things. One, large quantities, i.e. hundreds or thousands, are difficult to come by, and two, prices on even the lower quality knobs have already gone up because most dealers are aware of the demand.

Monday, October 30, 2006

November December Issue Arrives in Two Weeks

The latest issue of Architectural Salvage News -- the November/December issue -- is in production and should be hitting the streets, mailboxes and salvage stores in about two and a half weeks.

As for some of the latest industry happenings, word on the street is that Tony's Architectural Salvage in Orange, Calif., is planning a massive, two-day auction in January to clear out all their inventory in preparation for Tony's retirement. I haven't been to Tony's yet, and I haven't met him in person, but I have talked with him at length on several occasions. Tony's passionate about salvage, has incredible contacts and is a character whom I really enjoy talking with.

I was sorry to see that the former partners of Ty and Eric's Architectural Salvage have gone their seperate ways after just a short time in business. No word on what happened, but Eric is still operating the business at the same location in Indianapolis. He'll have a new website soon but for now it's:

Rumor and speculation has it that Olde Good Things might be getting ready to expand again, this time to Miami. I don't know of anything official, but I'll check with General Manager Kevin Browne and let you know. They just salvaged a 1940's resort in Miami.